4835 N. Western Ave. 773-681-0651 The Lincoln Square restaurant, which opened in September, is named after chef/owner Iliana Regan's sister, Elizabeth, who died 10 years ago. "When she passed away, it was one of those things where you realize, life is clearly short, I'm going to do what I love," Regan said. "So it made sense when following my dream and opening [the restaurant] to credit it to her." Regan, who keeps a few culinary family heirlooms on display inside the restaurant, didn't consider any names other than Elizabeth. "Most people know some of the story," she said. "But some people do think that it's me and I'm Elizabeth." Regan offers three different tasting menus; her culinary creations include savory dishes such as duck blood soup, featured on her mid-length tasting menu ($125 Wednesday; $135 Thursday and Sunday; $145 Friday and $155 on Saturday). To dine, purchase tickets online at elizabeth-restaurant.com.
Courtesy of Jennifer Moran
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