William Shatner, Amanda Tapping team up for Web series

"Star Trek" icon William Shatner and sci fi superstar Amanda Tapping are teaming up for a new animated series called "The Zenoids."

"The Zenoids," which will launch on Shatner's sci fi social network,, tells the story of a family of space-faring Amphibinoid musicians who travel the galaxy performing their musical act. Shatner and Tapping play Kozmo and Zara, the husband and wife who want to keep their superstar dreams alive while taking care of their two kids and dog, Orbit.

"It was definitely exciting to get the call asking me to be a part of 'The Zenoids' with William Shatner," Tapping, who currently produces and stars in Syfy's "Sanctuary," said in a release. "We met last summer at Comic Con in San Diego at the launch event for At that time, I joked that we should do a show together. Who knew it would come true? I'm very excited to be working with such an icon."

Shatner and Tapping will serve as executive producers for the show, which begins production of the initial four webisodes in late February. Tapping has been asked to be a "Starship Captain" on Shatner's site, where viewers can talk about the program, submit ideas, chat with each other and get the latest news on the show. "She will guide science fiction talent to be creative," said Shatner, who currently stars in "$#*! My Dad Says" on CBS.

"The Zenoids" is accepting scripts from fans and up-and-coming screenwriters through an online submission process. One winning script will be turned into an animated short webisode of "The Zenoids." Submission process and guidelines are available at

Here's a description of the series, which was developed by William Shatner and Sammy Oriti:

Kozmo (SHATNER) and Zara (TAPPING) were once a popular singing duo on their home planet Zeno. Now their family lives on a spaceship as old as their last single, bopping around the galaxy, trying to keep the dream alive. Daughter Ziri and son Iggy have grown up in the band, reluctantly helping their parents sing for their supper—and engine parts. Good gigs are hard to get, but Zara keeps the schedule full, even if it's only bowling alleys and carnival shows on amusement asteroids. Kozmo's always got a new pie-in-the sky idea, invention or big-time deal that would set them for life yet never pans out. Between Kozmo's hustle and Zara's bustle, the Zenoid family always scrapes by—in spite of their adventures.