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Valentine's gifts in the color of love

It's coming at you, and there's nothing you can do to stop it. Valentine's Day.


Is there any gift-giving day more fraught with danger? How to pick a present that says enough, but not too much?

Stop fretting. I've got you covered.

To help you with this annual dilemma, I went shopping for presents in the color of the day — heart-y red. These selections aren't too expensive, but not cheesy. Loving but not mushy. Useful but also a little whimsical, or at least unexpected. (If you're on a budget, a valentine's note — handwritten and from the heart — is a great option.)

If you've been putting off thinking about it, here's one important piece of advice: Don't decide to just forget about Feb. 14. Ignoring the day will definitely make your valentine's heart beat faster. But not in a good way.