A scarf-tying tutorial for any season

Lots of us have figured out that a scarf is the cheapest, fastest way to amp up an otherwise ordinary shirt, sweater, coat, blouse, jacket, dress — you name it.

Look around. Everybody's wearing them — with varying degrees of success. Sure, you can give the thing a quick wrap or a sloppy knot but, with very little effort, you can tie it like a pro.

Awhile back, with the help of my fashionable friend Kyler Powell, an event planner and business student, I introduced you to scarf-tying 2.0 with the admittedly complicated (but worth it) "pretzel" knot.

Well, Kyler and I are back with scarf-tying 3.0. Bookmark this step-by-step photo gallery.

And for other tying tricks, check out the "Amy knot" instructions here, the pretzel step-by-step video refresher course here and try this extra knot:


  • Pull only one of the fringed ends through the loop. (Do not twist loop first.) 
  • Twist loop away from you once. 
  • Pull other fringed end through twisted loop. 



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