The goods: Men's necklaces

The goods: Men's necklaces

The wanderer

: (Top row, center) This handy pendant will send one of two messages: "I am an adventurer through and through" or "Yes, I am lost that often." Cost: $97;

The big kid

: (Bottom row, 2nd from right) Here's a refined way to honor your inner


freak. It's set in sterling silver, and you can add a small diamond in one of the dots. Tons of colors. Cost: $125;

The bling

: (Top row, left) Just like those shiny rims that keep spinning once the car stops at a light, this necklace is a repetitive and beautiful eye-catcher. Search "Venetian Link." Cost: $250;

The minimalist

: (Top row, right) You half expect a secret message to be coiled inside this seamless steel cylinder. The steel cable it comes on is not only intentional, but stunning. Cost: $175;

The foundation

: (Bottom row, 2nd from left) Made of cement, this is for someone who's your rock. This is not an under-the-T-shirt situation, unless you like the odd-looking-growth look. Cost: $60;

The literati

: (Bottom row, right) This guy spends more time with books than Kindles. Hand-crafted significance inspired by a box of 19th century wax seals. Symbols, initials and more. Cost: $150;

The situation

: (Bottom row, left) Sure, this one's a little

Marky Mark

& The Funky Bunch, but if you're aiming for all edge and no nonsense, this one's for you. Stainless steel or black. Cost: $113;

The perfectionist

: (Bottom row, center) Yes, the level is functional, so it will help him hang pictures in addition to serving as a great conversation-starter. Cost: $63;