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Armadillos pass leprosy to humans, study finds

Scientists had long believed that leprosy was passed only from human to human. The new finding may explain the origin of the malady for those in the U.S. who don't know where they picked it up.

Japan's fishing industry a major casualty of nuclear crisis

Japan's northeast, where the March 11 quake and tsunami hit, plays a vital role in the nation's $16.5-billion annual fishing industry, and residents of harbor towns such as Kesennuma fear radiation in the seafood chain may cost them their livelihoods.

Author of 'Am I a Monkey?' explores questions of life

Francisco Ayala of UC Irvine discusses in his book six main topics of evolution, including the tension between science and religion.

Chimpanzees mourn their dead like humans do, research finds

Researchers observe that chimpanzees comfort the dying and show signs of trauma after a death.

The taming of pigs: DNA sheds light on farming

A DNA study reveals clues about animal husbandry and human migration.

Teaching an Australian marsupial to choose life

Japanese found to host seaweed-digesting bacteria

Duck DNA might shield farm chickens from flu

Tyrannosaur bone found in Australia

It is the first such discovery in the Southern Hemisphere and raises questions about why the carnivores may have failed to become dominant predators below the equator.

Amphibious caterpillars discovered in Hawaii

Scientists zero in on reason for mammoths' demise