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Desert blooms early

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BORREGO SPRINGS, Calif. -- Wildflowers have made an early appearance at Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, but recent freezes could limit the annual bloom this year, the Anza-Borrego Foundation reported today.

Lots of  rain in the fall and, until recently, relatively warm temperatures led to early blooming of annuals and perennial shrubs in washes and western canyons, foundation officials said.  However, they said recent cold temperatures mean there probably won't be any dramatic fields of flowers.

Spring visits to see the park's desert wildflowers are an annual ritual for green-thumbed San Diegans.

The foundation says chuparosa and Desert lavender, with some brittlebush and Creosote bush, are in bloom in Borrego Palm Canyon.

Monkey flowers, Little Gold poppies and Indigo bushes have been spotted in Hellhole Canyon and Little Surprise Canyon, and Brown-eyed primrose, Desert dandelion and lupine can be seen in Coyote Canyon.

Four-wheel drive vehicles are necessary to explore other areas of the park.

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