Home of the Week: $260K condo in Golden Hill

Home of the Week is a column that looks at an interesting home for sale in San Diego County. Selections do not necessarily mean the home is a good deal or an architectural wonder.

What are we talking about?


A very small condo in a somewhat popular area not far from downtown that is cheaper than most condos on the market.

How much?



Monthly homeowner association fees: $270

Why is it interesting?

The median home price for a resale condo was $390,000 in March, making the Golden Hill condo stand out for its lower price.


At 540-square-feet, the second floor condo is smaller than most one-bedroom condos on the market and amenities are very limited. But, it stands out because most similarly-priced units are much farther east — not one mile from downtown.

After eight days on the market, it has three offers.

How's it compare?

Unlike most condos on the market, the C Street condo does not have a washer and dryer, but there is a laundry room used by the entire wood frame building.

The two-story building, called Villa Clarissa, is 38 years old. The average age of a resale condo that sold last year in San Diego County was 32.9 years, CoreLogic said.

It has a dedicated parking spot, but no garage like many condos outside of downtown.

Anything else?

Reaves Real Estate Group had been renting the condo for 12 years and recently decided to get out of the rental business. The company remodeled the unit, adding laminate flooring, remodeled bathroom by Bath Fitter of San Diego, quartz countertop, Whirlpool oven, Frigidaire fridge and kitchen tile. The walls were painted a "dove grey."


The condo comes with a balcony, but the view is of a parking lot.

A major remodel of the building's plumbing system is underway, possibly increasing HOA fees in the future.

What's the address?

2783 C St., #13

San Diego, CA 92102

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