Anti-Chargers billboard now visible in Carson

One of the images that will show up on a digital billboard in Carson. (Courtesy Joseph MacRae)

Joseph MacRae did not plan to release images of his anti-NFL billboard until Sunday.

But the digital sign went live earlier than he expected, so the former Chargers fan turned activist decided it was time for everyone to see what he raised more than $10,000 for.


He saw photos of the actual billboard — on the 405 Freeway south, just west of Main Street facing the east side, a couple miles from StubHub Center — posted on social media Wednesday morning.

The five images, which will rotate, will be posted on the sign over the next three weeks.


Each image contains a picture and text taking issue with the NFL and/or Chargers Chairman Dean Spanos.

In one, Rams owner Stan Kroenke is pictured beside Spanos while the text refers to the Chargers arrangement as a tenant in Kroenke's Inglewood stadium.

MacRae started a GoFundMe campaign in May and reached his goal in August.

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