Teen Health

Created by doctors for teens who are concerned about their health. Includes information about relationships, sexual health, fitness, alcohol and more. Also available in Spanish.

Find the science behind teenage

drug abuse

and get the facts straight. Uncover true teenage testimonies that dive into their battle with the abuse.


Comprehensive health site which presents medicine based journalism, expert health opinions and A-Z guides for numerous health-oriented topics.

Your center for all emotional teenage issues from A-Z explained and how to prevent a serious outbreak

The pressures of

eating disorders

can affect everyone around you National Eating Disorder Association helps hose with the disorder and helps the family cope with the issue.

Educating the public about thousands of prescription and over-the-counter medications and their side effects, including many drugs used by teenagers to treat and prevent conditions such as acne,


, depression, ADHD, and pregnancy. Reviewed and certified by the Health On the Net (HON) Foundation, a not-for-profit foundation that works to preserve the accuracy and trustworthiness of Web-based medical information.

Express Yourself

Devoted to artists who wish to upload digital art, skin art, themes, wallpaper art, traditional art, photography, poetry or prose writing. Allows artists to create their own profiles and have other users comment on their work.

Journaling and blogging site that allows users to set their own privacy settings and create their own look and feel for their blog. Allows for picture upload, style templates and publishing tools.

Allows for user journaling and blogging. Provides storage space for photos, videos and user profiles. Join a "blogring" that suits your interests.

Blog site dedicated to teens and teen-oridented topics. Creates a quick list of last updated teen blogs and allows users to "tag" topics within their blogs.

Love & Dating

Boy advice from girls to girls, share your stories and advice with others.

Romantic ideas for first dates. Make your first date creative and learn do's and don'ts about a first date.

Relationship and love advice from Dr. Truth. Read about different dating scenaries and what you can do to deal with dating delemnas.

Guys: learn about body language that signals she's flirting back.

Girls: learn clues that show a guy's subtle way of showing interest in a girl.

Sex Education & Teen Pregnancy

Site that allows users to locate the nearest clinic in their area. Also, learn about

birth control

, contraceptives and sex education. Read about abortion rights and how to obtain contraceptives.

Information about teen pregnancy, teen sexuality, love and relationships. Learn how to "stay teen" and avoid pregnancy.

Site for the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned pregnancy. Provides information about how to improve conditions for future children by preventing unwanted pregnancy. Learn about what policymakers and religion say about teen and unplanned pregnancy.

Source for teen sexual education including: contraceptives, sexual healthy, teen pregnancy prevention, abstinence and STD prevention. Locate sexual health clinics in your area.

Driver's License & Car Info

Unofficial guide to information about the DMV. Learn about auto insurance, obtaining a driver's license and driver's education. Locate traffic schools in your area.

Find the car of your dreams at an affordable price.

Take the load off of someone else's lease with out all the paper work involved.

Voting & Political Activism
Florida Division of Elections

Florida Department of State Division of Elections website where Floridian voters can view candidate information, learn about proposed amendments or view an answer to a voting question in the FAQ section of the site.

Become a part of the new generation of young American Democratic political activists and get involved.

Join the Young


and support your Republican candidates on all levels.

Help & Tutoring

One of the world's largest student reference sites with free access to almanacs, dictionary and encyclopedia. There are a variety of other reference tools with featured help in educational subject areas including: English, history, math, and more. An extremely informative tool, especially for research projects.

Create crossword puzzles or other word puzzles for school projects. Plan out your school work load or create a plan for a project.

Link to

Broward County

Libraries and get your library card. Check out which libraries have the book you are looking for or use your membership to search free online databases for periodicals and more.


A program to help girls at risk of entering the juvenile system, dropping out of school, or having a hard time at home gain confidence along with life and academic skills they can use in their future


Junior Achievement inspires and prepares Palm Beach students for their career and succeed.

College Prep & Testing

CollegeBoard is a place for students, teachers, and parents to connect with each other and result in success in college. Information on the site includes everything to know about colleges. This official SAT site will help you with registering, preparing, and informing you of your scores, including SAT as well as Advanced Placement exams.

ACT is a website dedicated to helping people achieve education and workplace success. This is the place to go to learn about the ACT: how to register, when it counts, and the differences between it and the SAT.

Colleges & Career Information

A site devoted to planning and tracking educational progress in Florida. Here, you can learn how well you are doing in school and what you need to keep succeeding in your academic career.

A site to create personal profiles to advertise yourself to colleges and universities that you are "more than a test score". Colleges scout you based on the information you put into the profile and what meets their needs.

Need money for college and you have no idea where to get it? This site will provide you will the guidelines and necessary tools needed to help get you into college without going into debt.

Get free money just for doing well in school! No essay, no recommendation letters, and no what ifs. Bright Futures is a Florida Lottery funded scholarship given to every Florida student resident who qualifies. Apply here.

Federal Student Aid couldn't be easier than when using FAFSA. Simply fill out a form with your parents and it will tell you how much money you are eligible to get from the government, free of charge.

Anything and everything you ever wanted to know about how to pay for college can be found here. The website's main mission is to make sure that everyone who qualifies for federal financial assistance for higher education receives what he or she deserves.

This link to the Office of Student Financial Assistance, through the Florida Department of Education, will tell you what you need to know about student loans, grants, scholarships, and applications.

Information about Federal and State labor laws that apply to young workers.

School Districts

If you are a Broward County student and need information on your school and/or your district, this is the place to go. You may also find information about your academic career, through Virtual Counselor, such as grades, classes, and attendance record. Also available in Spanish, Portuguese and Creole.

Anything you need to know about your Palm Beach school may be found on the website. Need to know what days you have off over winter break? Things such as the school calendar may be found here.

Miami-Dade High Schools

This site has an endless supply of information regarding your


-Dade High School. Anything you need to know about what to expect the upcoming school year or how your Superintendent rates is obtainable here.

Gay & Lesbian Support

This center for the homosexual community serves to promote personal development and quality of life for anyone who wants their help. They embrace individuality and diversity, and endorse awareness, acceptance, and pride.

Create your own Gay-Straight Alliance Chapter at your school with support from the GLSEN network

Just for Fun

What does your birthday say about your personality? Learn the in's and out's of your astrological personality and what it means for your past and future.

For those fifteen minutes in between homework and video games visit this site and have access to random sites that couldn't be more pointless and able to distract you for hours at a time.

Your non-stop shop for Internet games is here. Featuring games such as action, sports, puzzles, and life/style, this site offers games themselves, plus reviews on them so you know what you are getting yourself into.

Need some quizzes for your


to fill up some of the room not engulfed with comments? An endless array of quizzes can be found at this website, some even telling you whether or not you are good at taking quizzes.

Quizilla not only provides many quizzes to waste the time away, but also other things to occupy your time, including horoscopes, lyrics, poems, and polls.

A student website about things that are happening in the environment and how you can help. From the rainforest to global warming, there's plenty of things that you can change.

Gadgets, Tech & Gaming

The "it" blog for all your gadgetry needs and first hand look at new technologies

Shop from the air, or in this case through the Internet, to buy anything you want from Sky Mall. Products range from electronics and apparel to hardware and luggage.

Your source for the coolest gadgets available features everything from iPods, clocks, and kitchenware to phones, robots, and remote controls (all three of which may come as one product). answers the many questions asked concerning computer gaming in general, as well as offers tips, hints, and help about the general background of computer gaming.