Congressman takes to Twitter for Passover movie twists

Some are outrageously funny. Others deserve a chuckle. And plenty are bad – or good enough, depending on your sense of humor – to elicit a groan of oy vey.

With Congress off for its Passover-Easter recess, U.S. Rep. Ted Deutch, a Democrat who represents southwest Palm Beach County and northwest Broward, took to Twitter.

Using the hashtag #PassoverMovieTitles, Deutch sent a series of tweets, heavy on the puns.

It started during the Seder on the first night of Passover between the matzo ball soup and the brisket when his daughter threw out a holiday themed twist on movie titles. “It caught on very quickly around the table. My kids and niece and nephew and family started shouting out names, and then we thought if it was entertaining to us it would probably be entertaining to others,” he said. “The way the people around the country started chiming in proved that we were right.”

The congressman's district is among the most heavily Jewish in the country, according to the North American Jewish Data Bank. Deutch, who is Jewish, and may have the best sense of humor of anyone in South Florida politics.

Among the three dozen-plus titles he tweeted or retweeted: “Silence of the Lambchops,” “Seder Private Ryan,” “Let My People


,” and “X-odus Men.” He also offered up “Four Questions and a Funeral,” a play on the “four questions” Jews ask about why the night of the Seder is different from all other nights.


Several played on foods common at the Seder table: "War Horse Radish," "Silence of the Lamb-shank," "ShawShankBone Redemption," and "Dude, Where's My Karpas?" Karpas is  the traditional Seder ritual of dipping parsley or celery, sometimes onion or raw potato, in salt water.

Matzo was, of course, the most common word substitute, inspiring "Matzo Do About Nothing," "Matzo Mia!" "Matzo Balls of Fury," and "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Matzo Factory."

Susan Heit said the titles were hilarious.

"I was sitting at home laughing out loud," she said in a phone interview. "They were hysterical, really hysterical."


Heit, a New Yorker, liked them so much she tweeted praise to Deutch. She started following him on Twitter after his office helped her parents, who live west of Delray Beach, with a constituent problem.


Heit's parents, Joseph and Sylvia Heit, ages 84 and 80, aren't on Twitter. She said she plans to use old-fashioned technology to share the movie title tweets with them: making a printout and putting it in the mail. She said she regrets not taking a printout with her to a Seder on Tuesday night.

Her favorites: "Dude, Where's my Karpas?" and an entry offered by Deutch's wife: "Silver-Linings Plague-book."

Share your own Passover movie title suggestions below, in the comments.