Keep home energy bills in check with new online tool, tracks power use by the hour

Ever wonder how much electricity you are using at home in the morning as you make breakfast or get the kids ready for school? Or at night around dinner time? Now you can find out with a new online tool from

Florida Power & Light


Just visit the


Website (at to find all kinds of nifty information about your personal home power usage (keep in mind you will need to register a free online account):

Check how much you are spending on average per hour.

Find out when you use the most energy – bay day or time.

Learn how the weather affects how much you pay (think hot days, cold days, etc.)

Find out what your next bill will likely be using FPL’s projected amount feature.

Use the FPL Online Survey to find ways to trim your monthly bill.

What do you say? Have you used this online tool? Did it help curb your energy bill? Send an e-mail to