Faith and facts: Here's the frontier

Remember that article from the rabbi about science and Judaism? Well, check out the website it came from: Science and Religion Today. Edited by two alumni of John Templeton's Science & Spirit magazine, the site aggregates findings, opinions and analyses from all over the Web, all focusing on the frontier between faith and logic.

Like what? Well, like:

The Future of Neurotheology, scoping out possibilities of "the neurological study of religious and spiritual experiences," as author Andrew Newberg defines it. And he should know: He wrote the groundbreaking book How God Changes Your Brain.

News items on the likes of a renewed effort to ease restrictions on stem-cell research.

Research on male-female relationships, indicating that women are attracted to flashy spenders for a fling, but not as marriage material.

Findings about religion and nationalism, suggesting that "people who said they were proud of their country were significantly more likely to also be religious." The association held true not just for America, but for 30 European nations from which the survey data were pulled.

A morsel from a tasty interview with Brian Cox, a keyboard player-turned-particle physicist who has become the British version of Carl Sagan.

The site also gives the last half-dozen messages tweeted by its Twitter version, "scireltoday." You can browse the archives by topic, from animal studies to environment to morals to politics to the Vatican. There's some fun stuff like a summary of an episode from Fringe, an X-Files-like TV show.

Finally, there's a generous list of like-minded institutions, including the American Scientific Affiliation, the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences, and the International Society for Science and Religion.

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