FloriDUH: Ghosts of Christmases Past

Although we don't have snow for Christmas in Florida -- we certainly have no shortage of flakes.

FloriDUH Headquarters invites you to take a stroll through FloriDUH's Ghosts of Christmases Past.


Holiday: Man hit elderly mom with eggnog bottle, deputies say
Naples: Bell-ringer accused of stealing from Salvation Army kettles
Lauderhill: Caught! Santa-hat wearing rider cursed, broke bus windshield with rock | Video Deerfield Beach: Accused ‘Santa burglar’ sacked
Orlando: Grinch stole Christmas toys meant for needy kids
St. Augustine: Teen stole Porsche, candy canes, cops say
Jacksonville: Woman killed ex-roommate, hid body under Christmas presents, cops say
Clermont: Another "Grinch" bust: Man accused of stealing of $22,000 in Christmas gifts for foster children
Naples: Man accused of grabbing women, exposing himself at bar -- on Christmas Eve
Citra: Christmas Eve family feud over beer ends with man's neck severly cut
Holiday decor fanatic jolly; neighbors -- not so much
Dogs chase suspected Christmas gift thief, cops say
FloriDUH: Deputy 'Grinch' doled out onions, not tickets to speeders
Tampa: 'Tis the season -- for swiping donation jars
Sweetwater: Tip: Don't place your neighbor's stolen holiday ornaments on your lawn
Jacksonville: Woman killed ex-roommate, hid body under Christmas presents, cops say
Pillowcase banditos busted; stolen loot wrapped up as holiday gifts
Palm Coast: "Grinching" teens stole holiday decor from homes, vandalized property, deputies say
Tampa: Cross-dressing holiday shoplifter with booster bag busted, cops say
Deerfield Beach: 'Festivus' pole goes up next to Nativity scene
Frostproof: 'Tis the season! First sign: Baby Jesus swiped from nativity scene