Presidential election cycles and the Miami Dolphins

Wrote today's column in the Sun Sentinel about some pretty clear parallels between this Dolphins turnaround and the one Tony Sparano authored in 2008.

Which got me to thinking: Are the Dolphins somehow more successful in seasons that coincide with Presidential elections?


The Perfect Season came in 1972, of course, before anyone realized the significance of Watergate.

In 1984, as Ronald Reagan won a second term, Dan Marino reached his only Super Bowl.


And in 1992, as Bill Clinton won a three-way slugfest for the Presidency, the Dolphins went 11-5 and reached the AFC Championship Game for the last time.

However, the Dolphins have reached the playoffs just two other times in Presidential election years: 2000, the season of their last playoff victory, and 2008. Four times they have finished with losing records as Americans chose the Leader of the Free World.

Overall, the Dolphins have gone 101-74-1 (.577) in those quadrennial regular seasons, including this year's 3-3.

Here's a look at how the Dolphins have performed in each Presidential election cycle, along with the election result:


Year                Record                        Playoffs                                   Election Result

1968                5-8-1                No                                   Nixon (Republican)

1972                14-0                 Won Super Bowl                Nixon (Republican)

1976                6-8                   No                                    Carter (Democrat)

1980                8-8                   No                                    Reagan (Republican)

1984                14-2                 Lost Super Bowl                  Reagan (Republican)

1988                6-10                 No                                    Bush    (Republican)

1992                11-5                 Lost AFC Championship      Clinton (Democrat)


1996                8-8                   No; Jimmy's debut             Clinton (Democrat)

2000                11-5                 Last playoff win                  Bush (Republican)

2004                4-12                 No                                    Bush (Republican)

2008                11-5                 Lost First  Round                Obama (Democrat)

2012                 3-3                  ???                                   ???