Chan Lowe: Romney picks Ryan

From my admittedly geezer-centric view as a South Floridian, the Ryan choice seems like a boneheaded move. One thing about the ultra-right—especially the kind who presumably put pressure on Romney to prove his bona fides as a born-again conservative—is they believe that if they just present their views loudly enough, a willing public can’t help but see the beauty of their philosophy. For them, the Ryan choice is a huge plus that will demonstrate that their ideas about governmental restraint, belt-tightening and trickle-down will prevail.


Not so here in the biggest swing state of them all. Ryan can protest all he wants that his eponymous plan won’t affect seniors currently using Medicare, but there are still a lot of people in this state who are pushing 55 years old, and who know they’re all set to get screwed if Romney is not only elected, but delivered both houses of Congress to boot.


As a colleague succinctly put it to me, hatred for Barack Obama isn’t going to get people to turn out and vote for Romney, particularly since Romney still appears to most voters to be a rich, out of touch stiff. However, fear on the part of those who have already paid a lot into the system, and may be given premium support vouchers for their senior health care instead of what they were promised, will get them to turn out and vote for Obama.


Since the choice of Ryan only reinforces those who were going to vote for Romney, anyway, one has to wonder what his people think the upside is.


Maybe it’s as simple as ensuring that the candidate doesn’t get booed at his own convention.

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