Carrot Top

Las Vegas’ craziest redhead has had a rough year. After a show on the Strip, Carrot Top was kidnapped by crazed fans who got him drunk on champagne and abandoned him in the back seat of a limo, hogtied and passed out in his boxer shorts.

Well, that’s how it went down in the comedian’s recent guest spot on TV’s “CSI.” In real life, Carrot Top’s many devoted fans have a much more genteel and conventional way of showing the love.

When he’s not playing himself on TV, Carrot Top appears on stage at the Luxor, where he makes mockery of modern life with ridiculous props made from little more than duct tape and baling wire. 

This fall, Carrot Top celebrates 1,500 shows at the Luxor. Count on crowd favorites like the Hooter’s job application (a piece of cardboard with two round holes that you “just fill out”) and the gasoline nozzle with the mirror so you can “see yourself getting [screwed] right there at the pump.” 


Anne Burke, Custom Publishing Writer

Luxor Las Vegas
3900 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Starting at $49.95

Nightly except Tuesday, 8:30 p.m.

Dark Sept. 14 to 18; Oct. 19 to 23; Nov. 23 to 27; Dec. 21 to 26.


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