ABC Family hit "Pretty Little Liars" bringing in new characters, new scandals

Tribune Newspapers

Expect ABC Family's hit "Pretty Little Liars" to go off-book in its second season. The show, based on Sara Shepard's eight-book series, will be introducing characters that aren't seen in the pages of the original source material.

"I want to stay true to the characters from the book, but will write in detours to keep the series going," said executive producers I. Marlene King.

Staying true to those characters means serving up a heaping plate of scandal. Take, for example, Aria (played by Lucy Hale), who had a torrid relationship with her English teacher. "They are soul-mates" said executive producer Oliver Goldstick, but that doesn't make the relationship any easier. Even worse, she's threatened with exposure when another student discovers their secret.

Emily, played by Shay Mitchell, has another compelling storyline when she discovered her sexuality and came out to her parents. "I am so honored and couldn't be more proud to do that" for the gay community, Mitchell said.

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