White Collar Prisoners at a Glance

Martha Stewart is the most recent in a line of high-profile people convicted of white-collar crimes and sentenced to prison, including:

* Ivan Boesky, stock speculator who pleaded guilty to insider trading, released in 1990 after serving two years in prison.

* Michael Milken, junk bond king snared in probe using information provided to investigators by Boesky. Plead guilty to securities violations in 1989, served 22 months in prison, paid a $200 million fine.

* Leona Helmsley, New York hotel empress who was convicted of tax evasion, served 18 months in prison beginning in 1992, paid $1.7 million in restitution and performed 900 hours of community service.

* Steve Madden, founder of shoe company bearing his name, currently serving a 41-month sentence for stock fraud and money laundering.

* A. Alfred Taubman, former chairman of mall developer Taubman Centers Inc. and Sotheby's auction house, released in May 2003 after serving a year in prison for fixing art prices.

* Eddie Antar, founder of the Crazy Eddies discount electronic chain, sentenced to 6 years, 10 months in prison for stock fraud.

* Sam Waksal, ImClone Systems founder and longtime Stewart friend is more than 18 months into a seven-year prison sentence in Pennsylvania. He pleaded guilty to dumping his ImClone shares ahead of a negative government report about a key drug, Erbitux, which won government approval in 2004 as a last-ditch treatment for advanced colorectal cancer.