Greyson Chance talks Bieber, girls, and being Ellen DeGeneres' BFF


Never underestimate the power of YouTube. Following in Justin Bieber's footsteps, internet sensation Greyson Chance is taking the world by storm, with the help of Ellen DeGeneres, of course. "She's amazing," he tells PopEater. "I can't describe her in words. She's phenomenal, and she's a really good friend, yes."

Greyson says that he and Ellen are in touch "every day." Meanwhile, he's working on his first E.P., which should be released in September. "I'm working with Interscope Records and Eleveneleven Records," he says. "The one who's making my record is Ron Fair, and he's a genius. He really knows what I want in the music. It's a really interesting sound. It's like pop, but then there's these slow rock ballads, like some of them want to make you cry. I love the way it's coming along."

He first made an internet splash with a video of himself singing "Paparazzi" by Lady Gaga, and he recently was able to check out one of her concerts. "She's amazing, as a performer, and she's an amazing person -- she's phenomenal, so nice, just so kind and genuine," he says.

As for the Bieber comparisons, Chance is honored. "Cody Simpson, Justin Bieber, and Greyson Chance [laughs] -- it's kind of like a triangle right now. But, it's an honor to be compared to him, but our music is different and it's nothing personal, he seems like a really cool guy and I'd love to meet him and talk to him, but our music is different," he says.

Like Bieber, Greyson hasn't had much time for girls lately. "Single. Staying that way," he says.

We think that's a good thing, considering he's only twelve years old.

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