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We all want to change our diets and improve our health, even shed that excess weight, but who has the time to research the latest nutrition trends and health advice?

Deborah Enos, who is a certified nutritionist, a wellness coach and the author of "Weight a Minute" says just taking a minute or less each day, can truly transform your health.

Here's how.

Cut 50 calories each time you eat pizza?

"Two slices of pizza a week is the average American consumption, so if you just dabbed it down every time you had it you'd save about at least a pound of fat a year." says Deborah.

Feeling bloated? Citrus fruits and parsley are your friend.

"Best way to get rid of excess water weight, take a lemon squeeze a little bit in a glass of water — drink it down, our body will pull out the excess water. A very gentle diuretic that doesn't have any ill effects on the body because it's real food. "

Got a sweet tooth? Just brush it away.

"As soon as you get that mint taste in your mouth, it'll kill your sugar cravings."

How about an apple a day?

"An apple before a meal, allowed the subjects in the study to lose 2 and a half pounds a week without doing anything else."

Milled flaxseed is chocked full of goodness.

It may taste and feel a little like sawdust, but milled Flaxseed has tons of anti-oxidants, healthy Omega-3's and more.

"I actually will just take a teaspoon of this, eat it, drink a glass of water, and it will really curb my appetite for the evening. Plus it gives me a phenomenal dose of fibre." says Deborah.

If you're having a craving for fried foods, have fries — Skip the onion rings.

"Onion rings are significantly higher in fat than fries."

Sleeping helps you lose weight.

Deborah suggests getting 8 hours a night, and to help you sleep better, wear socks to bed.

"Socks or warming your feet sends a signal to your brain to go to sleep."

After dinner munchies? Kill those dinner cravings with a hot chocolate, or a single hard candy.

"Yur sweet taste buds are on the tip of your tongue. Savor the hot cocoa or candy and allow it to swirl in your mouth. The sweet taste buds will send a signal to your brain to turn off the sugar craving."

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