Fitness Clothing that Fits Your Life

Psssst. Here's an intriguing thought for choosing fitness gear. -The key to buying fitness clothing at any lifestage is to choose outfits that flatter your "bodystage."

Loose-fitting gear may be the best choice if you are starting an exercise program and your body is not yet toned, or if you feel self-conscious about parts of your body that are larger than you'd like them to be. But some tighter-fitting gear can still be flattering. Want to minimize upper arm flab? Choose a stretchy top with tight, elbow-length sleeves. Want to minimize heavy thighs? Choose tight, stretchy knee-length shorts.

If you're in great shape and want to wear an outfit that shows off your figure, go for it! But if you are upwards of age 40, do so in moderation. Fashion experts advise not to expose midriffs, bellybuttons and thighs or wear plunging necklines and short shorts when women reach middle age.

Of course, you'll want to wear gear that's appropriate for the type of workout you are involved in. And you'll want to wear a bra that holds you in place--a sports bra, perhaps.

The most important consideration is to wear clothing that is comfortable--both physically and psychologically. That outfit with the fitted, stretchy fabric may stretch where you need it to stretch when you're working out, but if the way it hugs you makes you feel self-conscious, your concentration and workout will suffer.

Whatever fitness clothing you choose, make sure the fabric moves with your movements, does not chafe your skin and wicks away perspiration.

With everyone from discount stores to designer houses offering fitness clothing from petite to plus sizes, there is sure to be a fitness fashion in a price range and style that is right for you.

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