Try Out The Latest in Fitness Gear


Small ears can be a big problem when it comes to finding the right workout headphone. Ear buds are too large and don't fit properly into the ear canal; many pop out of place after a few minutes.

The Groove Hanger headphones from 2XL are soft silicone ear buds with adjustable grips -- designed for active use and with a frequency range of 20-20,000Hz.

Shorter athletes should note the cord length is an extensive 3 feet, which may be frustrating.

Available: $14.99; and Best Buy stores


What's more painful: Paying for pricey running socks, or pounding the pavement with feet covered in blisters?

Blisters are caused by a combination of friction and moisture. Running socks are designed with a snug fit to eliminate friction and made from a breathable fabric that reduces moisture. Some running socks can cost as much as $20, but there are pairs available for about half the price.

The Ironman series from Wigwam are socks designed for athletic use. The Ironman Flash Pro, for example, uses a moisture control system to repel moisture and keep feet dry.

The sock has a heel tab to prevent slippage and reduce friction. The instep is made with mesh to provide breathability, while the sole is cushioned for comfort.

The sock is low cut and made with 83 percent stretch nylon, 16 percent acrylic and 1 percent spandex. They are machine-washable and come in youth, men's and women's sizes.

Available: $12; store locator


Watching a Little League game? Cute.

Lounging on the beach? Relaxing.

Camping in the woods? Exciting.

That is, of course, unless the sun is scorching hot and there is no shade.

Fun activities can easily be ruined by too much sun, turning activities from enjoyable to excruciating.

The Sport-Brella from SKLZ is a large, dome-shaped umbrella designed to protect you from the sun, rain and wind. It has 125 SPF protection and side flaps for additional coverage.

The Sport-Brella can be used on the beach, sidelines or at a camp site. It opens like an umbrella but also has tether and ground stakes if additional stability is necessary. And it folds into a carry bag.

The top has wind vents, and the sides have zippered windows to allow for airflow and additional visibility. There are also internal pockets that hold valuables.

Available: $69.99; or 877-225-7275