Food for Thought

While I admit I'm not the kind of person who orders-in food, I find the results of a recent survey on the subject a little hard to swallow.

Before you peek at the list below, try taking a wild guess on Chicago's most "ordered-in" food. Did you guess samosas from Rajun Cajun in Hyde Park? Me either. And how about Milwaukee? Did you guess crab rangoon?

Apparently the folks in those areas who use two of Dotmenu Web sites, and, really like their South Side samosas and Brew City crab rangoon, but do the sites really reflect a representative sample of couch potato food lovers?

I offer the other "favorite dishes" according to Dotmenu users simply as a way to start a lively conversation:

  • New York, NY: Domino's Pizza, Cheese Pizza
  • Los Angeles CA: Manas Indian Restaurant, Garlic Naan
  • Chicago, IL: Rajun Cajun, Samosa
  • Houston: TX, Blimpie Subs & Salads, BBQ Beef
  • Philadelphia, PA: Insomnia Cookies, Cookies
  • Dallas, TX: Milano's, Rice & Beans Plate
  • San Francisco, CA: Zen Yai Thai Restaurant, Pad Thai
  • Columbus, OH: Gumby's Pizza, Original Pokey Stix
  • Boston MA: Fin's Japanese Sushi & Grill, Spicy Tuna Maki Roll
  • Baltimore, MD: Hopkins Deli, Cheese Pizza
  • Seattle, WA: Tandoor Indian Restaurant, Spinach Nan
  • Nashville, TN: Best Wok Chinese Restaurant, Steamed Dumplings
  • Milwaukee, WI: Chopstix, Crab Meat Rangoon
  • Washington, DC: Wingos, Buffalo Wings/10 piece order
  • Atlanta, GA: Wingnuts, Combo #1 (1 Pound Boneless Wings, Regular French Fry, Two 12 oz. Sodas)