Shooting Range Armed with Taxpayer Dollars - (Las Vegas, NV) $15.68 Million

Located less than 25 miles north of the Las Vegas airport, the Clark County Shooting Park is not your normal gun range. The 2,900-acre facility has an archery range, a building with a 30-seat classroom, a rifle and pistol range, and 24 trap and skeet fields. In the future, the range will have another 700 developed acres that will also include an area for horseback-mounted shooting. The gun range was built because of federal legislation that procured the land and allocated more than $64 million in Bureau of Land Management (BLM) funds to plan and build the gun range, including $15.6 million this year alone. The shooting park is being billed as a huge tourist attraction. The park, however, has been losing money. This year, the park had $430,000 in revenues, but cost $1.3 million to operate. In response, Clark County sent a million dollars of local funds to make up the difference.
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