CBS breaks out the cops and comedy

CBS is sticking with the tried and true this season, introducing a new crop of cops, lawyers, and comedic complications. But it's the details that matter: Think

Tom Selleck

and WIlliam Shatner, or the


pedigree of Chuck Lorre. Add in one very distinctive setting and soundtrack and you've got yourself a season.

Mike & Molly - Monday 9:30pm

The Eye brings on a third Chuck Lorre comedy to the schedule to join his current hits Two and a Half Men and The Big bang Theory. This one follows the romantic lives of MIke and Molly, a Chicago cop and teacher who meet in Overeaters Anonymous.

Hawaii Five-0 - Monday 10pm

Come on, you


that iconic theme song is already stuck in your head. Former vampire Alex O'Loughlin is Steve McGarrett,

Scott Caan

is Danno,

Daniel Dae Kim

is Chin Ho Kelly, and

Grace Park

is Kono. Together, they fight crime. In Hawaii.

The Defenders - Wednesday 10pm

Hotshot lawyers defend the innocent -- and probably a fair share of the guilty -- in Las Vegas in this comedic legal drama starring Jerry O'Connell and

Jim Belushi


$#*! My Dad Says - Thursday 8:30pm

In a match made in geek heaven,

William Shatner

plays the patriarch of the family that


made famous. Expect plenty of outrageous lines delivered with Shatnerian gravitas.

Blue Bloods

"From the creators of the Sopranos comes a new kind of crime family." Specifically, a family of

New York

cops and the occasional prosecutor. Tom Selleck plays the patriarch and


top cop, with Donnie Wahlberg as a tough detective, Bridget Moynahan as an assistant D.A. and Will Estes as a rookie cop.

CBS this Fall


8pm How I Met Your Mother

8:30pm Rules of Engagement

9pm Two and a Half Men

9:30pm Mike & Molly

10pm Hawaii Five-0


8pm NCIS

9pm NCIS:

Los Angeles

10pm The Good Wife


8pm Survivor

9pm Criminal Minds

10pm The Defenders


8pm The Big Bang Theory

8:30pm $#*! My Dad Says

9pm CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

10pm The Mentalist


8pm Medium

9pm CSI: NY

10pm Blue Bloods


8pm Crimetime Saturday

9pm Crimetime Saturday

10pm 48 Hours Mystery


7pm: 60 Minutes

8pm: The Amazing Race

9pm: Undercover Boss

10pm: CSI: Miami