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Glendale girls’ soccer stuns Burbank to open league

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Former angst-ridden Glendale teens plan the post-2016 future of Go Betty Go


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  • Mailbag: Finding answers to hate rhetoric

    RE: "Burbank Unified officials call for unity and 'open, honest' post-election dialogue" In such divided political times, it is encouraging to read about how Burbank Unified officials are urging their students to participate in "open, honest dialogue." As a mother whose daughter will be starting...

  • Mailbag: No sympathy for Trump supporters

    I want to endorse all of Ray Richmond's observations and emotions in his Nov. 19 column, "An open letter to Trump voters." You all baked this foul dish. I for one am not eating any of it. And don't cry to me when Trump delivers on zero of his campaign promises. He is not going to indict Clinton,...

  • Mailbag: Ready to stand against hate

    We cannot let hate, fear and prejudice become the new norm or the law of the land in this country. Since the general election more than 300 reported hate crimes against Muslims, immigrants, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, LGBTQ people and Jewish people have occurred. Many...

  • Mailbag: Now is the time to fix housing issue

    Mailbag: Now is the time to fix housing issue

    Re: "Rent and home prices in Burbank are higher than residents can afford, city official says," Nov. 5. There is an extreme shortage of affordable housing in Burbank, and what does our City Council intend to do about it? Well, City Manager Ron Davis suggests "holding a few more study sessions ......


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