Burbank package thief arrested amid rush of holiday deliveries

With the holidays in full swing, authorities are warning people to be mindful when having packages sent to their homes and be wary of any potential porch thieves.

One suspected thief was arrested in Burbank Thursday evening after a witness in the 4200 block of Woodland Avenue called police about a suspicious man in the area who appeared to be casing the neighborhood. According to Sgt. Derek Green, a spokesman for the Burbank Police Department, officers contacted the man and found him in possession of two packages addressed to a resident living in the 4400 block of Woodland Avenue.

The man was soon identified as 33-year-old Daronne Davis, a transient from Los Angeles. Davis told officers that he stole the packages 15 minutes before they contacted him, according to Green.

The resident also confirmed to officers that the packages had been stolen from their front porch.

Davis was arrested on suspicion of possessing stolen property.

Green said if someone is expecting a package, they should make an attempt to be home at the time of delivery and set up email or cellphone alerts for when a package is dropped off. If that is not feasible, he said residents should consider having packages sent to a delivery locker or a P.O. box.


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