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Burbank is overcrowded as is, no more development needed

As I was reading school board member Armond Aghakhanian’s comment in the Leader on Wednesday, Aug. 30 (“District weighs topics for meeting”), I wondered what planet he is living on when he made the comment “Burbank hasn’t been developing.” I wonder if he has ever been driving anywhere in Burbank during lunch hours, on weekends or in afternoon/evening traffic.

Burbank is fast becoming impacted (it is a small city), and parking almost anywhere is becoming harder and sometimes impossible. Hundreds of businesses do not have parking available except on the street, and that is a joke. More development is the last thing we need. What we need is more efficiency.

Betty Vanole



I must agree with people who write in about being unhappy with what’s going on in our beautiful town.

It’s overcrowded, things happen and no one hears about them unless it’s reported on television.

Sirens race up and down Burbank Boulevard. No one ever knows why.

If you have a complaint, it’s brushed aside. My husband worked with the police department over 30 years ago. If a complaint came in, it was checked out, even if it was minor. He loved this city; he would be disappointed if he could see it now.

A suggestion: I’m sure the schools must have students who are studying in the field of reporting and investigating. Why can’t the schools give these students credit to report and investigate? They would get a head start in their careers, and we would all benefit.

Bonnie Andonie


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