Mailbag: Readers react to councilman's op-ed on development

I was dismayed to read Scott Peotter's editorial and its disrespectful tone toward Stop Polluting Our Newport, or SPON. ("Commentary: Why I voted in favor of the Museum House proposal," Dec.1).

Regardless of where one stands on the issues, our democratic process works best when there is respect for all points of view. SPON has long taken a slow-growth stance and many people think our city is better because of it. It is Peotter's right to disagree and vote for the Museum House, but it is also SPON and Line in the Sand's right to begin a referendum to call a vote on that project.

Gale Friedman

Newport Beach


Reasonable discourse preferred

Recently, I sat in the beautiful Farmhouse Restaurant with neighbors who are neither SPON members, nor politically active in Newport.

To a person, they had questions about the density of development recently built in Fashion Island. None was in favor of a 25-story high rise to replace the Orange County Museum of Art.

All thought Councilman Scott Peotter's comments served to divide the community. Of course developers are interested in maximizing their profits. SPON has a long reputation of working to inject residents' views into the planning process.

We hope our city planners and our council persons represent all citizens of our community. However, if community members have enough questions about a council action to spend hours on a referendum, they deserve respect, thoughtful dissent and credit for their investment. We would rather hear reasonable discourse from our City Council than sarcasm and disdain for citizens' efforts.

Carrie Slayback

Newport Beach


Tone of piece rattles

Gail Kalscheur's letter regarding Scott Peotter's rant about the concerns many of his constituents have about the Museum House project is well put ("Mailbag: Peotter needs to represent the entire community," Dec. 2).

I too resent being insulted and disregarded by the city councilman who theoretically represents me.

Dean Laws

Corona del Mar


Leave Trump, Clinton out of it

Why not allow citizens of Newport Beach to express their collective opinion about the Museum House in a referendum?

I doubt Councilman Scott Peotter's personal opinion in that regard, supporting developers, reflects the feelings of the majority of Corona del Mar voters he claims to represent. Disparaging lots of people may have helped his hero, Donald Trump, but I doubt that odious technique will work in Newport Beach. Oh, and by the way, Hillary Clinton did get 2.5 million more votes than Mr. Trump.

Robert R. Young

Corona del Mar