Oscars 2017 live updates: Davis, Ali offer heartfelt acceptance speeches

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Baseball Preview: Junior arms fuel Crescenta Valley hopes of Pacific League repeat

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Theater Preview: 'Bye Bye Birdie' director is no stranger to the production


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  • Mailbag: Concern for the undocumented

    I am very concerned about the undocumented workers in Glendale. I don't believe they are totally at fault for their situation. If U.S. employers didn't hire the undocumented they wouldn't be drawn into the country. Americans who demand goods and services at the lowest possible cost and are perfectly...

  • Mailbag: Voters will watch these issues

    I am opposed to allowing multiple dwellings in R1 zones. I urge the City Council to institute the most restrictive limits possible and support staff's recommendations. Before the city considers spending a single tax dollar to appeal the water case, I suggest they instead fight Sacramento on this...

  • Op-Ed: Collaboration is key to transportation projects

    Op-Ed: Collaboration is key to transportation projects

    Since the publishing of my last article, I have had the great fortune of meeting more of my talented colleagues in the Assembly, more of the passionate organizations who fight daily for the causes they believe in, and more of you — the dedicated, caring and well-informed individuals who make up...

  • Mailbag: Dealing with the traffic problem

    Mailbag: Dealing with the traffic problem

    I wish to commend Shant Minas for his op-ed on Glendale traffic woes. Minas describes eloquently the disgraceful situation existing in Glendale as a result of uncivilized behavior of drivers and nonexistent enforcement of traffic laws. It is a terrifying experience driving and walking in our city....


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