Mailbag: A sincere thanks to a Glendale Waste Management driver

I would like to give a shout out to an employee of Glendale Waste Management. I was struggling this morning to get my heavy green container to the curb. Alex Guerrero was picking up nearby containers when he saw what a difficult time I was having. He drove his truck forward to my curbside, stopped, got down from his cab and proceeded to put my container in position so the truck could handle it.

He noticed my other container waiting in my driveway and wheeled it up, then climbed back in his cab to dump it. He asked if I had the phone number to call for container assistance. I didn't know there was such a service. He wrote the number down for me and said I should call before pickup day and they would provide assistance at pickup time.


Thank you, Alex Guerrero.

Eva Carlile


Mohill support

I am supporting Mike Mohill for Glendale City Council. Over the years I have watched him on TV trying to keep our council members accountable. He has been the voice of the silent majority, and it is time we give him the opportunity to speak for all of us.

Helen Lucas


Candidate forum

As we head toward our local election, Northwest Glendale Homeowners Assn. will hold a City Council candidates forum on Wednesday, March 22, at 7 p.m. I encourage voters who have not yet made up their minds on who to vote for, or those who have not yet heard the candidates' platforms, to attend. This is open to all Glendale residents.

There are three seats available. Two incumbents are seeking reelection, and Laura Friedman's seat is vacant since she is now at the state Assembly.

The forum will be held at New Life Christian Church, 1020 W. Kenneth Road. There is a large parking lot in the rear and plenty of street parking, plus it will still be light, which is all the more reason to attend.

Peter Fuad, president of NWGHA, will moderate, and there will be time to ask questions of the candidates.

And for those of you who have made up your mind, come anyway to hear what might be new and useful information.

Carol Brusha
NWGHA board member


Removal request

I was recently shopping in downtown L.A. and was amazed to see a city worker removing signs/solicitations, etc., from the sign posts with her putty knife and a spray solution.

A few years ago, Glendale repainted several of the light posts in my neighborhood. Before long, they become littered with yard sale signs, solicitations and lost animal posters. I am not saying these shouldn't be posted, but could they please be removed after a period of time? And not partially removed?

The people who took the time to post these signs should take the time to remove them. They could use clear plastic shrink wrap to display the signs. I see it in the city of Pasadena often. The shrink wrap does not damage the posts.

Patricia Tyson


Roundup suspect

On March 15, the Los Angeles Times Business section carried an article headlined "Roundup loses to state over labeling." A state judge rejected Monsanto's attempt to avoid a state law requiring their weedkiller Roundup to carry a warning that it possibly causes cancer. Their attorney told the judge that the warnings would drive some customers away, hurting the company.

Wednesday evening, the local social media website Next Door carried several complaints about Roundup being used in Crescenta Valley and Two Strike parks, both operated by Los Angeles County.

On March 14 the New York Times reported that a federal court had unsealed documents including internal Monsanto emails that revealed an effort by Monsanto to scuttle the Environmental Protection Agency's review of the safety of glyphosate, the main ingredient in Roundup. The review never took place.

Then early Thursday a Glendale Parks employee gave my husband a flier put out by Washington Friends of Farms & Forests claiming that Roundup is less toxic than several common household products such as vitamins and aspirin. The employee said he was told to hand out the fliers and that Roundup will be used in Glendale city parks.

Just who are the Washington Friends of Farms & Forests? Their website identifies their vice president as James Curry of Monsanto.

Again as reported by the L.A. Times, the Environmental Protection Agency recommends that people avoid entering a field for 12 hours after Roundup has been applied.

I want to know why city and county parks are continuing to use such a dangerous product despite the court ruling, why Glendale is requiring employees to hand out such biased material, and whether the city and county intend to close the parks where Roundup is used for 12 hours after its application.

Mary-Lynne Fisher
La Crescenta