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A Noise Within plans its future


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  • Mailbag: Let Blumenfeld be 'our voice'

    Just two weeks ago, the state Court of Appeals ruled on the Vergara case and said that the Legislature needs to deal with the extreme laws on teacher tenure.Why does this matter to you? Andrew Blumenfeld is running for state Assembly and the primary is June 7.Your vote for Andrew Blumenfeld for...

  • Mailbag: Money interests spelled the end for Sport Chalet

    Money interests spelled the endWhy does the closing of Sport Chalet not surprise me? Sport Chalet was, under the direction of Norbert and Irene, the destination spot where everyone went for outdoor gear. People drove miles to shop at a place that had top-quality gear and a knowledgeable staff who...

  • Mailbag: Woman details startling encounter with LCF burglar; two writers endorse Blumenfeld

    Home intrusion was a wake-up callAn intruder entered the backyard of our home in the Paradise Canyon area at about 5 a.m. on Sunday, April 10 through two unlocked fence gates. The intruder entered the garage through an unlocked door and our German shepherd dog began to bark excessively. We assumed...

  • Commentary: These hills are not boring

    I have had a hangover for weeks. Every morning I wake up tired. The devil takes the form of a warm blanket, whispering “Just another five minutes.”I don't even have the consolation of having had a rousing time the night before. This has nothing to do with drink.It's that hour we added a month ago....


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