Thoughts from Dr. Joe: Gearing up for a Memorial Day service

Thoughts from Dr. Joe: Gearing up for a Memorial Day service

It is the likes of individuals like Don Hingst who built this city and its stalwart traditions. More than 40 years ago, Hingst founded the La Cañada Memorial Day commemoration service. An intuitive man, he realized the necessity of creating a connection between the unfathomable sacrifices of the...


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  • A note to our readers about digital access

    Digital subscriptions start at $1 a week.

  • Editorial: Don't sweat our mini crime wave

    Editorial: Don't sweat our mini crime wave

    The casual reader of the Burbank Leader and Glendale News-Press can hardly be blamed for wondering if our cities are about to fall into the abyss. Both cities have active murder cases, two men are accused of lifting more than $1 million — in cash! — from a Burbank home after tying up the housekeeper,...

  • Editorial: Leading the leaders of tomorrow

    On Friday morning, just a bit past dawn, nearly 100 students from Burbank, Glendale and La Cañada took part in the 30th iteration of the Youth Leadership Conference. As in years past, the conference was hosted at Glendale Community College and put on by the Character & Ethics Project. (Full disclosure:...

  • Editorial: Rail-tunnel proposal is not the best solution

    As Gov. Jerry Brown’s $68-billion high-speed rail project to connect San Francisco and Los Angeles by 2029 lurches into fruition, the authority overseeing it is expected to make a decision this spring on the route for the segment connecting Palmdale to Burbank. A route proposed last summer by Los...

  • Editorial: Body cameras may refocus the debate

    Let’s start with the obvious: The local police are overwhelmingly professional and polite, and they faithfully uphold their sworn duty to protect all of us. The fact that there are some bad cops outrages us, as it should. The issues in Ferguson, Mo. and New York City have created the impression...


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In Theory: Can religious ceremonies work online?

The Church of Scotland will be looking into the possibility of conducting baptisms, Communion and other Christian sacraments online. A committee of the church, which has seen attendance drop by nearly a third in an 11-year period, is pushing for "a wide-ranging review of practice and procedure...