Gary Thorne: B-

Gary Thorne is a solid play-by-play announcer -- a very solid play-by-play announcer. And he can adjust depending on who's in the booth with him. He was a guide and mentor to Mike Bordick this season. With Jim Palmer, he is smart enough to give the Hall of Fame pitcher and superb analyst all the room he wants to verbally roam. Thorne is at his worst when he gets giddy as he did Sunday talking about first baseman Mark Reynolds as "The Toe," because of the infielder's ability to make contact with the bag no matter how far he has to stretch to catch a throw. Maybe that's a New England sense of humor, but I don't think so. But he is a smart and solid announcer, and he gets extra points for doing his job and half of Bordick's at the start of the year.
Gene Sweeney Jr., Baltimore Sun photo
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