Harbaugh says Bernard Pollard needs to lower his "strike zone"

Characterizing the illegal hit penalty on Bernard Pollard as the correct call Sunday because of the helmet-to-helmet contact on Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne, coach John Harbaugh said the veteran strong safety needs to become a lower tackler.

"You just got to get the strike zone down," Harbaugh said Monday at team headquarters. "What's happening is you take the strike zone down to this low chest area and you think you're going to be legal and all of a sudden the helmet's in that area. So, the only answer is to go lower and that's what we're going to have to do."


Pollard was penalized two plays later for taunting as he got into a verbal altercation with a Colts staffer and players in Indianapolis' bench area.

"That coach called me a [expletive, expletive,]" Pollard told The Baltimore Sun. "I said something back and their player pushed me. It's football, man."

Harbaugh said that the Ravens are investigating Pollard's allegations.

"As far as that second part of it goes, that's something we are looking into," Harbaugh said. "Apparently, there was something that was said. Obviously, you don't go back into their bench. Bernard said that already, he  knows that. You don't respond, but there were apparently some things that were said that were out of line.

After that penalty, Pollard was removed from the game temporarily by the Ravens to get him to calm down. Harbaugh took Pollard aside and tapped his finger to his head to tell him to be smart and avoid confrontations before sending him back into the game.

"The coaches told me to chill out for a minute," Pollard said.

Although Wayne was unhurt, it was a devastating tackle from Pollard.

Now, is expected to be fined by the NFL.

"Reggie lowered his head," Pollard said. "We, as defensive players, we're locked in. We're going full-speed. So, it will be interesting to see what they do. That's hard for us as defensive players to try to manage where we're going. It was my helmet that grazed his facemask. It was incidental. He lowered his helmet. It was nothing intentional."