Brian Roberts     $ 10,000,000

Mark Reynolds   $ 7,833,333

J.J. Hardy          $ 7,416,666

Adam Jones       $ 6,150,000

Kevin Gregg       $ 5,200,000

Jason Hammel   $ 4,750,000

Tsuyoshi Wada  $ 4,075,000

Matt Lindstrom   $ 3,600,000

Wei-Yin Chen     $ 3,072,000


Of those 10, only four players are still on the roster and healthy (I'm not counting Hammel as healthy at the moment).

Yes, Adam Jones is in a whole new tax bracket and will move to the top of the list next year after signing a six-year, $85.5 million extension in May. And Joe Saunders is making $6 million this year (although most of that isn't being paid by the Orioles), so you can add him to that list to replace Lindstrom if you'd like.

But still, there's a huge chunk of payroll assigned to players who won't be in an Orioles uniform down the stretch.

With most of these being injury cases, my point isn't that the team made a bunch of misfires with its high-salary players. The takeaway is that these Orioles truly have done more with less from a financial standpoint -- almost to the extent of the benchmark-setting Rays and A's.

All that said, nobody will be counting up the pennies on the last day of the season. It's the Ws, not the dollars, that will determine who plays on.

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