If Orioles win Friday, their Sunday game could overlap with Ravens

It's conceivable if the


beat the

Texas Rangers

on Friday, that their next game Sunday could overlap with the 1 p.m. broadcast of the


game at the

Kansas City Chiefs


If the Orioles win the wild-card game, they will play the

New York Yankees

in Baltimore on Sunday.


is scheduled to broadcast four divisional series games that day, and though

Major League Baseball

has not announced times for any of them, one game will likely have to start early in the afternoon.

One might guess that the Yankees, with their massive national audience, will appear in a prime-time slot, especially given that the

New York Giants

also play at 1 p.m. Sunday. But no one's saying for sure, and an answer might not come until after the Orioles finish their game in Texas.

These are the fun problems you get to ruminate over when both of your pro sports teams are relevant in October.