Preakness infield party already rocking early Saturday morning

It's wasn't even 10 a.m., and the party was already well underway on

the Preakness

Infield, with bands playing and fans celebrating.

Standing out front of the Jagermeister stage in the infield as the band Mr. Greenjeans played a rendition of "The Doug Song" from "The Hangover," Stephanie Bell, 22, of Hershey, Pa. said she didn't know the names of the different horses.

"Daddy! Daddy Nose Best,"  interjected Tom Milcetich, 23, who came with Bell and a group of 20 friends on a whim. He said that horse was his favorite.

Bell seemed to know more about horse racing than she let on, though.

"Didn't he just lose?" she asked of Daddy Nose Best, who indeed had lost to I'll Have Anotherin the Kentucky Derby

Nearby, Debbie Reed, 45, of Sterling, Va., danced as Mr. Greenjeans covered "Sally Can Wait." She said she watches the race, but makes the trip more for the infield festivities.


"This is my first of many," she said, indicating the beer in her hand. "I'm here for the music; I'm here for party."