Ravens will likely consider several offensive coordinator candidates in offseason

Unless the


improve dramatically on offense, it's safe to assume they will interview candidates to become the team's offensive coordinator, including

Jim Caldwell


Caldwell became the OC when the Ravens fired

Cam Cameron

after Sunday's loss to the

Washington Redskins

. It makes sense for the Ravens to interview others because there should be some attractive candidates out there, like Philadelphia's

Andy Reid

and San Diego's

Norv Turner

, long-time head coaches who are expected to be let go by their respective teams at the end of the season.

Caldwell has impressive credentials, and the Ravens might also want to look at some of their other assistants like receivers coach Jim Hostler, tight end coach Wade Harman and running backs coach Wilbert Montgomery. Harman and Mongtomery are long-time Ravens coaches and have produced some outstanding players like tight ends

Todd Heap


Dennis Pitta

and running backs LeRon McClain,

Ray Rice

and rookie

Bernard Pierce


Also, I just took a look at the tape of the Ravens game against the Redskins, and several times the cameras had shots of heated exchanges between head coach

John Harbaugh

and Cameron. In one shot, if Harbaugh could have grinded his teeth any harder, they would be nubs.