Phelps appears to be aiming for '12 Games

Michael Phelps believes he can maintain his passion for competition through the 2012 Olympics, the swimmer said yesterday in an interview on NBC's Today show. Phelps seemed to indicate that he's leaning toward competing in the London Games, something he was uncertain about after a photo of him inhaling from a marijuana pipe appeared in a British tabloid. "There are still things I want to achieve, things I want to accomplish," Phelps told Matt Lauer. Lauer also asked Phelps whether he had used marijuana, but the 14-time Olympic gold medalist did not answer the question directly. "It was a bad mistake," he said. "I mean, we all know what, you know, what you and I are talking about." More than a month after the photo appeared, Phelps said he regrets hurting those close to him more than losing sponsorship money. (Cereal giant Kellogg decided not to continue its relationship with the swimmer.) The rest of the interview will air tomorrow at 7p.m. on Dateline. Phelps is still serving a three-month suspension from USA Swimming because of the photo. CHILDS WALKER

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