What they're saying about Ravens QB Joe Flacco's contract

Here is what other news outlets are saying about Joe Flacco's six-year, $120.6 million deal with the Ravens.

--Jamison Hensley of says Flacco earned his money by playing his best when it really mattered.

"Did the Ravens overpay him? Certainly. Should Flacco get paid more than Tom Brady and Peyton Manning? No way. But those questions are really irrelevant when it comes to contracts in the NFL, which is all about timing. When Flacco hoisted the Lombardi trophy 26 days ago, he essentially had the Ravens in the palm of his hand as well as having the leverage."

--Will Brinson at CBS Sports echoes Henley, saying that timing was everything for the Ravens QB.


"Flacco torching his opponents down the stretch made him millions. It was, if you'll forgive a phrase that was worn out whenever George Clooney started sliding portside, a perfect storm for the Ravens quarterback."

--USA Today's Jarrett Bell views Joe Flacco's contract through the lens of the word "elite."

"Flacco did not merely state last spring that he saw himself as the league's best quarterback, his actions suggested similarly. Contract talks died last summer with Flacco rejecting a deal that averaged in the $14 million-per-year range, which at the time seemed fair but at significantly less than the elite scale. Essentially, Flacco gambled on himself. And won. The new deal clinched it."

--Sports Illustrated's Chris Burke says Flacco's contract will likely prompt further comparisons to the NFL's top quarterbacks.

"No longer is he stuck proving that he can win the big game; instead, he'll spend the next several seasons under the financial microscope, his naysayers now turning their attention to how he performs in relation to Manning, Brady and Aaron Rodgers."

--Clark Judge of CBS Sports writes about how the Flacco deal will impact the Ravens' next moves.

"The Ravens have a plan, and locking down Flacco first was part of it. But it was just the first step. There are others that must be made between now and the start of free agency. With Flacco's contract out of the way, the Ravens can get started."

--And, for fun, here's what Ray Rice had to say about his teammate's deal:

Dinner and a few nights on Joe Flacco when we get back well deserved #Ravens