Here is how I see it, putting it in kid terms, as Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay has turned this weekend's Peyton Manning celebration into "Romper Room."

Irsay discarded his once favorite toy (Manning) in favor of the newest version (Andrew Luck), assuming Peyton was forever broken. Mr. Irsay, think "Toy Story." Andy would never have done this to Woody. You made your decision, now live with it. Too bad dignity and respect are grown-up words you can't embrace.

Chris Gagliano

Rancho Palos Verdes

Helping out

So the U.S. rescued Mexico from the disgrace of failing to qualify for the World Cup in one of the world's weakest regions. Hopefully the next time the U.S. plays in Mexico City the home fans will keep that in mind as they contemplate their normal routine of throwing bags of urine at the U.S. players.

Rob Osborne

Manhattan Beach

A world apart

On Tuesday morning I watched Tuesday night's Lakers game from China. That's about as confusing as this year's lineup.

Rick Henderson



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