Ravens-Giants predictions from The Baltimore Sun

Ravens 27, Giants 24

This one was a coin-flip. The Ravens defense is ridiculously banged-up, but the offense can't play as badly as it did last week, can it? Plus the Giants struggle to stop the run.

Ray Rice

should have a big day.

Giants 33, Ravens 20

The Giants have been way too inconsistent to convince observers as legitimate

Super Bowl

contenders, but they're still a dangerous threat, especially with

Victor Cruz


Hakeem Nicks

running through the secondary. A loss Sunday will make the Ravens' regular-season finale against the

Cincinnati Bengals

even more interesting.


Giants 21, Ravens 17

The Giants will be embarassed after last week and they have a great front four on defense. As for the Ravens, it's hard to win games when the backups to your backups are starting games.

Giants 23, Ravens 20

Eli Manning

won't have as much success against the Ravens as his brother did, but the Giants are smarting from that lopsided loss in Atlanta and they are better-equipped to deal with that kind of embarrassment than the Ravens at the moment.

Matt Vensel

Giants 27, Ravens 20

The offense will perform better, but the Giants are the more desperate team. They will find a way to hand the Ravens their fourth straight loss.

Aaron Wilson

Ravens 24, Giants 21

The Ravens' losing streak will be halted as Ray Rice and the running game are revived and the defense stymies a reeling Eli Manning.

Giants 26, Ravens 24

These are two of the harder teams to figure out in the


, but the Giants have the more accomplished and confident quarterback and the healthier defense. They also have been at their best in these types of games.