Sun staff picks: Super Bowl XLVI

1-1 two weeks ago

181-85 overall





Aren't you just sick to death of

Tom Brady

? With the three

Super Bowl

rings, the hair, the super-model wife, the UGG boots? Too bad. He'll be all over the highlights again after he rebounds from his awful performance against the


and picks apart the Giants' defense for the win.

2-0 two weeks ago

173-93 overall

Patriots 24, Giants 20

Initially, I thought the Giants had the offense and defense to overtake the Patriots. But with all the love being thrown in their general direction and some players sounding off — unlike their win in 2007 — I've got a sneaking suspicion that the Giants' run will end badly.

1-1 two weeks ago

169-97 overall

Giants 27, Patriots 24

The Giants have too much balance on both sides of the ball. They can pressure Brady with their front four, which will be huge in this game.

0-2 two weeks ago

185-81 overall

Giants 26, Patriots 23

Brady will be under a lot more pressure than he is used to, and

Eli Manning

will find a lot of open receivers in that Patriots secondary. Funny, but it seems like only a few months ago that everybody in the land of the Giants was ready to jump ship.

1-1 last week

169-97 overall

Patriots 24, Giants 23

The conventional wisdom seems to be trending toward the Giants here. But I think Brady will seize the moment. He didn't play well against the Ravens, but I think he's going to be motivated to claim his spot on the Mount Rushmore of quarterbacks.

Mark Viviano

1-1 last week

175-91 overall

Giants 24, Patriots 16

The Giants go from 7-7 to Super Bowl champions in six weeks. It's proof that you don't have to be great in the NFL, just good at the right time.

1-1 last week

171-95 overall

Patriots 31, Giants 20

There will be no late-game Manning heroics and no repeat of Super Bowl XLII. Brady and the Patriots have been on a mission all season, and that mission ends with them hoisting the Lombardi Trophy.