Watch Clippers' Blake Griffin impersonate Austin Rivers

Clippers' superstar power forward Blake Griffin is known for his impersonations.

His recent target: Austin Rivers.

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Griffin recently dribbled the ball from half court, pretending to chew gum, and call a play. He then did a few crossovers and tossed up the ball with his right hand -- the shot flew over the back board.

Matt Barnes recorded the whole thing and posted it to his Instagram account, calling it Griffin's "AR iso impersonation" or his Austin Rivers' isolation impersonation.

After he poked fun at Rivers, Griffin then walked over to the team's reserve guard and gave him a hug.

This isn't the first time that Griffin has dabbled with the theatrical. The power forward has appeared in numerous hilarious commercials and even tried out some stand-up comedy at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood this past September.

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