Watch DeAndre Jordan and Glen 'Big Baby' Davis invade a hair salon

Clippers' DeAndre Jordan and Glen Davis prank customers at a Hyde Park salon, but it's all for a worthy cause

DeAndre Jordan and Glen "Big Baby" Davis participated in's "Prank it FWD," in which the Clippers players surprised the owner of a hair salon and pranked its customers with the goal of bringing the salon some much-needed exposure.

Jordan and Davis recently showed up at Studio 54 in Hyde Park, a salon that needed new roofing, painting and an improved washer-dryer area.

As part of the prank, the owner of the salon, Trisha, offered free haircuts for Clippers fans, while the salon was equipped with hidden cameras and the stylists were equipped with hidden microphones.

Jordan and Davis sat in the back of the shop, directing the stylists to ask the customers funny questions, such as whether they think Davis would cry watching the 'The Notebook' or whether Davis could jump over a car.

Afterward, Jordan and Davis gave Trisha and her staff tickets to a recent Clippers game, during which Trisha received a $10,000 check at halftime for renovations to the salon.

Check out the video above to see it all happen.

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