NCAA favorites, that's you Arizona and Gonzaga, better be on alert

Heavy underdogs such as No. 15 Florida Gulf Coast, No. 14 Harvard and No. 12 Ole Miss are to be feared in March.

SALT LAKE CITY  -- Arizona is thrilled to be playing Harvard on Saturday on its way to next week's West regional in Los Angeles.

No one can say that, but it's only human Tucson nature.

Wanting to play No. 14 instead of No. 3 to reach the Sweet 16 is a no-brainer.

Arizona in its head is thinking, "We get Harvard instead of a New Mexico team some had penciled for the Final Four."

Arizona is thrilled, but it should also be terrified.

Have you been paying attention?

The fastest way to get eliminated from the NCAA tournament is to get into the assumption business.

Everyone presumed No. 2 Georgetown would prevail over No. 15 Florida Gulf Coast in a South Regional game played in Philadelphia.

Georgetown was established in 1789, and FGCU was established, well, Friday.

The Eagles stunned the Hoyas with a 78-68 bracket buster in the city where underdog Rocky ran up those steps.

FGCU won its first NCAA game on its first try in its second year of eligibility.

Hey, isn't this basketball thing neat?

Also know San Diego State would rather face FGCU than Georgetown.

In the West, top-seeded Gonzaga probably got the team it wanted too, Wichita State instead of Pittsburgh.

The Bulldogs drew the lower-seeded school from the Missouri Valley Conference instead of a power-conference team from the Big East.

Gonzaga should also be petrified.

"They can play," guard Kevin Pangos said of Wichita State.

To put this in Ivy League terms, people assumed No. 3 New Mexico would handle Harvard on Thursday the way No. 4 UCLA, in 1996, was going to handle No. 13 Princeton.

New Mexico got shown the front door Thursday while UCLA, years ago, got shown the back door.

This tournament is unfolding like a 20-piece camping tent. The NCAA selection committee on Sunday declared Pac-12 wasn't very good by saddling its tournament champion, Oregon, with a No. 12 seeding.