As usual, SEC claims ownership of BCS

The system that can't shoot straight burped out an epic title game matchup between Notre Dame and Alabama, which should blow all BCS television ratings from here to the Krakatoa Bowl.

"I don't know if you can get a better matchup," Notre Dame Coach Brian Kelly said on ESPN's selection show.

Saban also appreciates the history but added "the first thing I think about is the kind of team they have this year."

The BCS system also hiccuped the headline of Northern Illinois "busting" the BCS and earning an Orange Bowl bid.

This was fantastic, even if those little non-AQs from the Mid-American Conference did knock Oklahoma out of the BCS (aw, shucks).

Fair and balanced major conference ESPN analysts Jesse Palmer (Florida), David Pollack (Georgia) and Kirk Herbstreit (Ohio State) lambasted the choice of a program without a seating capacity of at least 80,000.

The Rose Bowl was saddled with Stanford against Wisconsin (8-5), the only non-10-game winner among major bowl award recipients.

This happens sometimes in an arranged marriage involving the Big Ten Conference in a year its top team, Ohio State (12-0), is on NCAA probation.

Wisconsin, coming off a crushing 70-31 win over Nebraska, should at least be highly motivated after losing in each of the last two Rose Bowl games.

"Speaking for the entire team, we have something to prove," Badgers tailback Montee Ball said.

All right then, but three strikes and you're O-U-T.

Kansas State versus Oregon in the Fiesta Bowl on Jan. 3 is a tremendous matchup of schools that were No. 1 and No. 2 in the BCS until that one Saturday night last month.

The Sugar Bowl gets at-large anchor Florida against Louisville, which had to slide over from the Orange Bowl after "That Team" from Illinois crashed the party.

The Orange bites the BCS bullet with the least attractive bowl matchup, but the trade-off is playing host to Notre Dame-Alabama.

The moral of this year's story, as the BCS moves hours closer to extinction, is the SEC rules and always deserves a spot in everything.

It deserved a title spot in 2004 when Auburn was left out. It deserved one when it insisted there should not have been a Big Ten rematch for the title in 2006, and deserved one when it insisted there absolutely SHOULD have been an SEC rematch last season.

Ponder: Oregon and Alabama basically have the same loss this year against top-10, two-loss teams.

Oregon lost at home to Stanford in overtime and Alabama lost at home to Texas A&M.

Stanford is ranked higher, No. 6 versus No. 9, in the BCS standings.

Alabama, naturally, deserves the spot this time because it won the SEC title and Oregon didn't even win its own division of the Pac-12.