A few points, very few, to make about USC and No. 1 Notre Dame

Chris Dufresne takes time out (he gets three per half) each Friday during college football season to answer questions. Topics include the sport's best intersectional rivalry and the latest installment of the great BCS debate.

Question: Where do you put USC's chances of knocking Notre Dame off?

Chris Larsen

Answer: I put the chances smack dab between my bobbleheads of Tommy Trojan and Lou Holtz. Seriously, I think USC has a decent chance. My colleague Gary Klein made an interesting point this week about USC's defense. Coordinator Monte Kiffin has had nightmarish results trying to defend spread offenses in the Pac-12 Conference, but Notre Dame takes a more traditional, straight-forward approach.

With his NFL background, Kiffin is probably better suited to scheme against Notre Dame's offense than Oregon's.

USC probably does not have to worry about getting embarrassed by Notre Dame because the Irish average only 27 points, which ranks No. 73 nationally.

The heart of this Notre Dame team is a defense that allows only 10 points per game. There's a good chance this game will end up in the teens or 20s, and I'd be surprised if the final margin was more than 10 points either way.

Q: Pass the word to the Southern California football team that the worst is still to come. USC might think about giving up football after this week's rout.

Donald Ocke

A: I'm really busy this time of year, but I suggest you call the school yourself or write to Heritage Hall 103, Los Angeles, CA, 90089-0601.

Better hurry and lick that stamp before the USC football liquidation sale.

Q: When the officials put the USC football on the rainy ground for the center snap did you see it float?

Joseph Gutierrez

Cambria, Calif.

A: No, wow, I must have missed that while watching two members of the UCLA cheer squad take a gondola ride through the end zone of the Rose Bowl.

Q: How's this for a headline: "SC De-Mora-Lized"?

Roget Bardeau

A: That's brilliant. I'll keep it in mind for next year's game at the Coliseum — unless Mora has left already for another college job or the NFL's Philadelphia Eagles.

Q: 38-28! That good enough for you?

Jerry Guy

A: Are you talking about the UCLA score against USC, or did you recently judge two-thirds of a Miss Universe contest? If you are referring to UCLA's winning margin, I'll take any final score you want so long as all the games are noon kickoffs.